About Us

Sunset in Sicily

Sunset in Sicily


At the moment we are four, Angus, Arthur, Raheela and myself, Rob. Three humans and a dog. For a long time now we have been discussing writing a blog or starting a website about our exploits in life but we were hindered by, firstly, access to the internet…we have been living without internet at home for a good year now, making it tricky to be motivated to use a computer. Secondly, it was really difficult to find a name that gave us the foundation for the blog…finally whilst I had my first session as a life model the other day I had time to consider the name and thought ‘The Living Narratives’ was apt.

This blog is quite simple, we will talk about our projects, lives and adventures.

We all live together, work a lot together and play together. Our aims are to live well, eat well, grow food, inspire and be inspired, share and make small changes in our lives to live more in a way that feels more balanced and in tune with our environment.


One comment

  1. lazer · October 15, 2015

    A wonderful idea, thanks for sharing your lives )


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