Borage Tincture

First thing you should do is find a beautiful location to indulge in harvesting flowers…


After, it is quite simple, fill a vessel with flowers of Borage, which I understand to be the best part of the plant to make a tincture and pack them in litre jar.

I diluted my alcohol I had down to 30% because I read somewhere you can extract the compounds from Borage with this grade. Other herbs etc require different grades of alcohol depending on what you want to extract. I filled the jar with alcohol and sealed it. Then for two weeks I kept the jar in a dark location and inverted it every day.


After two weeks I filtered the alcohol into dark glass bottles, tincture ready.


This was my first tincture I made properly from scratch, it is a very fun process, I mean, collecting an abundance of flowers on a sunny day whilst the bees dance around you. Pure glory.