Opportunity Meat

Opportunity Meat

Today I was driving along on the way to see a friend after an attempt at seeing my grandparents in spontaneity, but unfortunately, to my surprise they were out…! As I was driving I noticed a fluff of feathers on the opposite side of the road and a pigeon dive bomb. I drove past and finally when it registered a pigeon had just been hit by a truck I turned around and went and picked up the bird. Still warm I headed to my friend’s house and requested a plastic bag for the carcass from his mother.

When I got home I plucked the pigeon. Tip, do this with dry hands.

Road kill pigeon

Road kill pigeon

I chopped off the head, wings and feet, only because there is not a lot of meat on them, but I am sure they would be tasty. When I removed the head I was happy to see the pigeon was full of elderberries, not the crap that is fed to animals in the commercial meat market.



Then I cut out the breasts ready to eat.

Two breasts

Two breasts

People who eat meat should consider this as an option because:

Its very tasty.


Makes sense.

Eating commercially produced meat is not sustainable.

When considering eating roadkill, do so at your own best judgement.

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